Thiamethoxam 30 % FS

Mode of Action

Thiamethoxam 30 % FS is broad- spectrum systemic insecticide that is well suited for seed treatement used to control early season sucking pests. Recommended as seed treatment to control Jassids, aphids and Whitefly in cotton, shoot fly on sorghum and Maize, termites in wheat, jassid in okra, Thrips, GLH and Whorl Maggot in rice, jassid and thrips in sunflower, stem fly in soybean and thrips in chilli crop. Due to its fast action on sucking pest, it limits the transmission of leaf curl virus.

Crop (S) Common name of Pest Dosage / HA Dilution in water (Liter)
a.i. (gm per kg seed) Formulation (ml per kg seed)
Cotton Jassid, Aphid, Whitefly 3 10
Wheat Termites 1 3.3
Sorghum Shoot Fly 3 10
Rice Thrips, GLH, Whorl Maggot 9 3
Okra Jassid 1.7 5.7
Maize Shoot Fly 24 8
Chilli Thrips 21 7
Sunflower Jassid, Thrips 3 10
Soybean Stem Fly 3 10

Direction of Use

For small lots, mix the required quantity of Thiamethoxam 30 % FS with 10-20 ml of water for each kg of seed to be treated. Add the slurry to the seed and rotate or stir the container(Plastic drum or bag) until the seeds are uniformly covered(usually less than a minute).

It is recommended for application as slurry with continuously operating commercial seed dressing equipment. For preparation of slurry, proceed as follows:

  1. Put 1/2 of the required water top the mix tank
  2. Add the required quantity of Thiamethoxam 30 % FS while stirring continuously.
  3. Allow the product to disperse.
  4. Switch the agitation system or stir manually.
  5. Top up with the remaining volume of water.
  6. Maintain agitation of the slurry during the whole time of use.
  7. The slurry has to be used within 24 hours after preparation.

Application Procedure:

  1. Prepare this slurry as described.
  2. Fill the seed into the receptacle.
  3. Start mixing the seed.
  4. Apply the required amount of slurry by pouring onto the mixing seed.
  5. Mix for about 30 seconds to one minutes to achieve a homogenous treatment. An extended mixing will lead to abrasion and dust forming

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