Ecomix is a unique and a new generation silicone based super spreader, activator & being non-ionic. It canbe used with a broad range of agrochemicals (Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and plant growthpromoters).


1. Super Spreader: Ecomix solution spreads quickly, carrying insecticide into inaccessible site inhabitedby pest and carrying fungicide in those crop canopy prone to infection by diseases. It assist herbicidesto kill weeds uniformly and in shorter duration.

2. Super Sticking: To improve coverage and retention of pesticide on foliage

3. Improve Rainfastness: Due to high and quick uptake, the solution doesn’t wash off even afterimmediate rain.

Direction of Use

Strictly follow the label instructions on Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Plant Growth Regulator,
Fertilizerand Micronutrient for tank filling and fill water volume to only 90% and mix Mixwell thoroughly and wait, thenadd the remaining water. Mixwell is compatible with most agrochemical formulations and can be used on awide variety of crops.

Other Products


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Ecolizer N.P.K 19:19:19

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