Mode of Action

Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambda-cyhalothrin 9.5% ZC is a combination insecticide having quick stomach and contact activity and is recommended to control Aphids, jassids, Thrips & Bollworms in Cotton, Aphid, shootfly, steam borer in Maize, Leaf hopper, leaf eating caterpillars in Groundnut, Stem fly, semilooper, girdle beetle in Soyaben, Thrips & fruit borer in Chilli, Thrips, semilooper, tea mosquito bug in Tea, Thrips, whiteflies, fruit borer in Tomato crop.

Crop (S) Common name of Pest Dosage / HA Dilution in water (Liter)
a.i. (gm per kg seed) Formulation (ml per kg seed)
Cotton Aphids,jassid,Thrips,Bollworms 44 200 500
Tea Thrips,semilooper,tea mosquito bug 33 150 500
Tomato Thrips, whiteflies, fruit borer 27.5 125 500
Maize Aphid, shootfly, stem borer 27.5 125 500
Chilli Thrips & fruit borer 33 150 500
Groundnut Leaf hopper,leaf eating caterpillars 27.5 125 500
Soyaben Stem fly, semilooper, girdle beetle 27.5 125 500

Direction of Use

Measure out required quantity of the product and mix it well with a small quantity of water. Add the remaining quantity of water as specified through agitation for total coverage of crop with suitable sprayers.

Time of Application

The product should not be applied during flowering of the crop. DO NOT use the product where bees are actively foraging. DO NOT allow spray drift to flowering weeds, hedges or flowering crops in the vicinity of the treatment area. DO NOT spray if a high amount of aphid honeydew is present in the treatment area. DO NOT spray on flowering crops between 5 days before start of flowering and end of flowering. Not to be used on crops when honey bees are pollinators/foraging. This product is also toxic to fish

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