Mode of Action

This is a post emergence herbicide used to control phalaris minor weed on wheat

Crop (S) Common name of Pest Dosage / HA Dilution in water (Liter)
a.i. (gm per kg seed) Formulation (ml per kg seed)
Wheat Phalaris minor (canary grass) 60 400 375-400

Direction of Use


It can be applied through Kanpsack sprayer fitted with flat fan nozzel.

Preparation of spray solution:-(a) Mixing out side the knapsack :- It is recommended to first mix this
herbicide with clean water in a large container of sufficient size such that the complete number of
knapsack load that are required for the spray are prepared at one time. Fill the container 1/3 or 1/2 full of
clean water & add this herbicide . Gently stir until the product has dissolved then fill the knapsack sprayer
directily with the mixed solution. It must be at the final cocentration . Do not make a concentrate stock
solution (slury) which required further dilution in the knapnack sprayer later on. (b) Mixing directly in to the
knapsack sprayer:- Fill the knapsack tank 1/3 or 1/2 full of clean water and put the water soluble bag of
herbicide. Gently stir until the soluble bag and its contents fully dissolved and then add the rest of the
water to the tank.

Mode of Uptake:

This herbicide is taken up through leaves of grass weeds. Active growth of susceptible grasses ceases
within 48 hours after application. Symptoms are observed within one to three weeks depending on
environmental condition and species involved. Decay of nodes and growing points is visible with young
leaves showing chlorosis followed by necrosis.

Re-cropping flexibility:

This herbicide quickly degrade in the soil and has little or no soil activity. There are no recropping

Time of Application

This herbicide is recommended for post emergence application i.e 30-35 days after sowing of wheat crop
(when Phalaris minor is 3-4 leaf stage).

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